One of the outcomes that New Energy Nexus strives towards is that clean energy entrepreneurs have the right capital resources at the right time throughout the stages of their development as startups. Matching money to the entrepreneurs’ needs on the right terms is often a challenge. We seek to bring some of that capital, especially to those entrepreneurs who do not always have the opportunities.

As a result, we manage grant, debt and equity funds in different markets around the world. We generally try to keep them long-term or “patient”, low cost or “concessional”, and we try to make it happen as easily as possible. We call this combo “heroic capital”.

Here are a few examples of funds we manage or can connect entrepreneurs to:



For California startups only, we manage the Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Fund or CalSEED. This was recently reauthorized for us to place $25m in to over 80 companies through several cohorts of concept and prototype stage awardees.



In 2018 and again in 2020 we helped create a debt product in India for solar market segments that were not being served with local loans. The pilot Sustainable Energy Bond effort with CKers Finance has been a success and startups can utilize their products as an example of the connections we make. Please connect directly with them if you are building a business in India.



We have piloted an early stage equity fund in Indonesia because there were no venture capitalists or others willing invest in this space. We have millions under management at New Energy Nexus Ventures. As as of mid 2021 we have invested in half a dozen startups in Indonesia. We expect to invest this fund by the end of 2022.



Through our global network, we connect startups in our programs to various providers of venture capital, ranging from traditional venture capital firms to strategic corporate investors. In order to gain access to such introductions, you must first successfully apply for one of our programs.