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Welcome to one of the largest climate tech communities in the world that is powering the great transition to 100% clean energy for 100% of the population!




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Our community is open to anyone in the clean tech space to learn, grow, network & share experiences

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We have over 3,500 people and hundreds of organisations from all over the world in our network. This is where clean energy startups, funders, corporates, and NGOs connect, share, and work smarter.

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  • So, what is an accelerator, and how do they work?

  • Are they worth it for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors?

  • What pieces of advice should all entrepreneurs know, and what role do accelerators play in the great transition to 100% clean energy?

“Accelerate This!”  answers these questions by:

  • Scouring the world for stories, insights, and best practices from the world’s best programs

  • Gathering the most useful entrepreneurship tools, and putting it all together in this easy-on-the-eyes, fun-to-read, super NOT boring guide.

This book, by Ryan Kushner will help you cut through all the confusion so you can do your work better, smarter and create more impact.

''Excellent guide to the world of Accelerators''

Ryan's writing style combined with the excellent visuals and the design of the book make it a super easy read - and the content is superb.

Bobby B

Kushner is a clear thinker and clean writer. He's found a way to sneak in a lot of valuable insights by offering a fun narrative pattern comprised of reflections, analysis, quotes from luminaries and many pretty infographics. The effect is that "Accelerate This" captures the Zeitgeist, a kind of historical document of what's happening in Accelerators on this planet right now. In full disclosure, I've met Kushner, and he's managed to produce a book that's a success in my mind; a book that humbly offers the wealth of his actual experiences in a style that is utterly of his own.

I once worked on an advocacy campaign to get all the incubators and accelerators around the country to agree to get to a certain target of women-led businesses in their cohorts. What I found was frankly a hot mess, different interpretations of what is an accelerator versus an incubator and many different ideas about what makes them successful. I'm thrilled that someone who actually knows what he's talking about decided to document it and set us all straight. Awesome read for those of us in the proverbial trenches!