India is rapidly emerging as one of the 21st century's leading world powers and industrial nations.  With a a population of more than 1.3 billion people, it is critical to leapfrog the mistakes made by western nations such as an addictive dependency on fossil fuels.  New Energy Nexus India is now one of the largest early-stage clean energy and cleantech startup platforms in India and South Asia, with over 200 startups engaging every year.  Here are just some examples.


EXPERTISE:  Energy Distribution

Energy optimisation analytics and internet-connected sensors that improve energy efficiency, optimise assets and prevent faults on electrical grids.

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OrxaGrid took part in our 2020 Electronvibe StartUp Accelerator.

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EXPERTISE:  Efficient Street Lighting

Cydee has invented a new type of street light for cities in India and around the world that reduce energy consumption and costs by 40%, and reduce CO2 emissions by 18 tons per kilometer!

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Cydee took part in India's first ever solar hackathon as part of our Climate Launchpad cohort.

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EXPERTISE:  Mobility as a Service

Three Wheels United is a technology-enabled financier of light electric vehicles in emerging markets, starting with auto rickshaws in India. 

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Three Wheels United successfully applied for membership of cohort 417 at the Third Derivative Accelerator, our joint venture with the Rocky Mountain Institute. 

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TwinGrid Labs offers digital twin solution to maximise reliability and minimise unplanned outages.

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Mojo electrifies industries formerly dependent on fossil fuels

Their energy solutions deliver energy whenever and wherever it’s needed without the complexity of upgrading traditional energy infrastructure.


Ultra-fast EV charging solutions through networked energy storage prevent grid congestion through energy storage devices, that act as a flexible resource providing backup power when it is required.

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POWEReasy delivers world class power in the face of deteriorating grids and semi-skilled electricians.


Irrigation Automation that works irrespective of power timings.

Ensures Precision Water Supply to the Crop

Boosts Crop Output Through

Engagement With Digital Agriculture

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Machine Learning (ML) optimizations for intelligent energy and industrial operations to improved profitability and productivity of production and business operations.