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New Energy Nexus Awards Two Rapid Response Grants


October 12, 2020

New Energy Nexus congratulates EVmatch and Berkeley Structures on their $15,000 Rapid Response Grants, supported by Wells Fargo/IN2.


The Rapid Response Grants are an initiative of New Energy Nexus to help clean energy entrepreneurs who contribute strongly to social impact and demonstrate financial need created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

EVmatch is a peer-to-peer network for electric vehicle (EV) charging that harnesses the power of sharing to immediately create more reliable charging options. Through EVmatch, individuals, business owners, and property managers rent out private charging stations, earning money and supporting more EVs on the road.

At its core, EVmatch is focused on serving communities that have historically had limited access to EV charging. EVmatch is focused on reducing barriers to EV adoption, creating low-cost and flexible technology solutions for EV charging, and increasing the diversity of EV charging host sites throughout the broader charging ecosystem. EVmatch is specifically targeting multi-family buildings for shared EV charging deployments in order to address the unique charging challenges faced by renters and multi-family property owners. Their software solution and charging networks are currently available nationwide.


“This Rapid Response grant will immediately strengthen EVmatch’s ability to sustain our community-based EV charging network and grow our network at multi-family residential properties throughout California,” said Heather Hochrein, Founder and CEO of EVmatch.

Berkeley Structures has developed TitancreteTM sandwich structures to build green homes with precast efficiency in a zero-waste factory. This building material increases insulation efficiency by 73% and cuts heating/cooling bills by up to 42%. These panels are half the cost of conventional materials, take only 38 minutes to cast, and are climate resilient with resistance to rot, fire, and earthquakes.

Beyond the energy-efficient building materials research and development, Berkeley Structures has been operating for over 10 years to educate and train adults who are long-term unemployed and/or housing insecure/unhoused, and their laboratory and learning center has offered hot showers, storage space, and a kitchen to store and cook food. Over the last year, they have trained 37 people in construction and organizational skills at their San Pablo facility. In the next 12 months, they expect to double their workforce.

Kathy Rai, Chief Engineer at Berkeley Structures, said that they will use the funds to save a manager position that was recently eliminated due to financial strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.