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New Energy Nexus To Launch A New Webinar Series With Climate Fintech Startups In The U.S. And China


April 22, 2021

SHANGHAI, April 22, 2021 – Since we published our Climate Fintech report, a compilation of over 100 stakeholders’ interviews last year, New Energy Nexus continues to deepen our presence and dialogue with founders and CEOs of Climate Fintech startups with the launch of a new webinar series – “A Green Tomorrow – The Road to Climate Fintech Innovation”.

Climate Fintech is an emerging subsector of digital financial technology aimed to catalyze decarbonization. It increases accessibility, efficiency, transparency, and accountability; while striving to educate people in the ways they spend, save, transact, invest and trade – for a healthier planet. According to our Climate Fintech report, although 75% of the Climate Fintech landscape is still nascent and capitalized with less than USD 10 million, these innovative startups have real opportunities for scaleup, especially when given access to legacy customer bases seeking climate-conscious products and services. Many of these startups are based in the U.S., known for its robust entrepreneurial ecosystem; and China, which is leading fintech innovation in many ways.

In creating this webinar series, New Energy Nexus is keen to dialogue with first-movers and dig deeper into the commercial application scenarios mobilized by Climate Fintech startups in both the U.S. and China. We seek to bridge awareness gaps in existing solutions and hope to inspire more innovation, adoption and scaleup in the field.

The series will feature ten fortnightly interviews with founders or management teams, kicking off with a Chinese startup, followed by a U.S.-based startup. Sessions will be moderated by our very own Climate Fintech program leads – Yafu Zhao and Aaron McCreary. The scope of solutions include the use of distributed identities to support low carbon development, virtual power plant based on blockchain, and supply chain finance. Expect to meet startups such as MioTech, Dipole Tech, Neng Lian, Uni Inclusive, RivTower, Nori and more!

Each 40-minute live-stream session will wrap up with a Q&A session – join us for the first webinar on April 28 (Wednesday, 10am Beijing Time/ April 27, 7pm US Pacific Time) and we hope to meet you online every two weeks!

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