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We Will Get Through This Trying Time Together


March 24, 2020

To all our friends,

We send our best wishes during this prolonged crisis. We hope that you are staying socially distant, but in the loving embrace of your community.

The whole New Energy Nexus team – 54 people in 8 countries – are working from home but closely connected. We hope that you are able to do the same. We are committed to do this not only to stay healthy, but to protect our neighbors. However, self-isolation doesn’t mean a lack of productivity, we are continuing to deliver training and funds for startups around the globe.

We know it is hard out there, especially for our entrepreneurs who have been trying to create something out of nothing and are now facing a major economic downturn, as well as a pandemic. Anxiety is more than reasonable in these messy times, but we will get through this together. During this trying time, we want to offer some rays of hope and will be releasing regular doses of good news featuring startup founders and our team members on social media – please follow #hellosunshine.

At New Energy Nexus, our mission and vision are helping us through – we know the world will need us “to support diverse entrepreneurs, drive innovation and build equity into the global economy”, as we come out of this mess all the more. But it is our values – a commitment to justice and impact, boldness, creativity and agility – that we are really leaning on to get through this:

  • actively figuring out how to do our best work online and creating new resources on ‘managing hard times’ for companies strapped for cash;

  • creatively doing the most we can for those least likely to get support; and

  • ensuring that the highest impact ideas and startups survive these unforeseen events.


To all the entrepreneurs out there, get in touch and get in on the New Energy Nexus network slack channel. There are hundreds of global peers in this clean energy startup community that are sharing their tips and tricks, inspiring one another and learning quickly on how to adjust.

You should all know that we will continue to be a safe place for wild ideas dedicated to slowing climate change by spreading clean energy. If you are going to get sucked down a rabbit hole on the web, you may as well do it in the company of colleagues and co-travelers in clean energy enterprises who are learning how to survive and thrive.


No doubt history is being made fast these days. We may well mark the quarter that we’ve just been through as BC/AC – before and after COVID-19. Whatever happens in the coming months, in terms of public health and the economy, we know we must keep moving forward because people need electricity and mobility services now and in the future.

Indeed, we feel there will be more demand for what we do because we support startups spreading CLEAN energy.

Clean energy is not only cheaper and a solution to our other existential threat in climate change, it is also the most job dense way to power the world – more jobs per dollar of stimulus invested means more jobs per watt of electricity created!


So, as the world rises and shines out of this dark time, we will be there, ready and able to serve. In the meantime, please be safe and take care of one another. Keep checking in and keep in touch.

Shine on,
Chief Energy Officer

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