Renewable generation has been a touchstone of the energy transition so far this century. Yet electricity production still generates the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions because more than 60 percent of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas. While this mix is radically changing, with the vast majority of new additions to the grid each year being wind and solar, more has to be done to displace dirty energy before 2030, especially all coal. The creative destruction of incumbents by low-cost solar and wind has only just begun.


Taka Solar Corporation is developing a solar panel that utilizes an advanced tube-based architecture to package perovskites.

CalSEED prototype awardee, California USA



Peak Power was founded under the belief that battery energy storage has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the energy sector.

Peak Power took part in The Clean Fight’s first ever cohort, focused on making buildings cleaner with breakthrough solutions.



Planet A Energy, Inc. is building a Community Solar Platform and long-duration energy storage system with tolerance to hurricane-force winds, earthquakes, and grid outages, without costly foundations. It can be used at commercial and community (microgrid) scale and will consist of insulated shipping containers, filled with inexpensive basalt sand.

CalSEED prototype awardee, California USA