The Refreshed New Energy Nexus Brand

Updated: Jun 25

By the time you read this, the next stage of the New Energy Nexus communications strategy will have launched!

Over the past few months, it became clear to us that our brand needed an update to do justice to the very real passion and daily impact achieved by the amazing New Energy Nexus team and the inspiring entrepreneurs that we exist to support.

After all, what is a brand? Much more than a logo, much more than a mission statement or a carefully crafted advertisement. A brand is the idea that you stand for, the thing you're recognized and (hopefully) revered for, the lasting impression you leave in the minds of those you seek to engage.

I’m therefore really happy to announce our refreshed branding, now presented at the all-new With our more modern and vibrant tone, a clearer description of the purpose we serve, and a more compelling presentation of the entrepreneurs we’re 100% focused on, our goal is to engage and inspire our partners, funders, team members and most importantly of all the 100,000 startups we aim to back between now and 2030.

Over the next week, we will be adopting the new branding across our global social media platforms. Keep an eye out in particular for more social content presented with our refreshed style.

Also launching today I am thrilled to announce the creation of our micro-documentary series which is designed to showcase the inspiring work of climate entrepreneurs around the world. Our first episode comes from California, where it all started. More stories will be released in the coming weeks but in the meantime I invite you to watch episode 1 and share widely with your networks.

Finally, just like the diverse climate entrepreneurs that we accelerate, we are also focused on continuous improvement. Therefore we greatly value your thoughts on our refreshed branding and our new website. So please don't hesitate to leave your comments below! We will spend summer of 2021 refining and further improving our web experience. Thank you for your continued support of New Energy Nexus. Shine on!