Offers early stage incubation, events, hackathons and skills training for startups.


Supports later stage startups with matchmaking and commercial partnerships.


A $4M clean energy seed fund. For supporting the growth of enterprises that show potential to scale.

New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia Smart Energy Incubation Program provides hands-on business advisory and support services to outstanding startup teams focusing on innovative, smart and clean energy ventures.

The program will help smart energy entrepreneurs in Indonesia to, among others, execute their go-to-market strategy, provide access to local and international networks, and connect with potential investors and strategic business partners.

What do we offer?

1. Hands-on workshops and training programs customized to each business model.

2. Professional advice on product and market validation, business model, launch strategy & fund raising.

3. Prototype development support.

4. Potential funding through our network of investors and partners.

5. Potential opportunities to do pilot projects with potential customers and stakeholders

6. Community feedback and access to a network of mentors and experts.

7. Communication and advertising campaigns through our own channels and a network of supporting partners.

Our program will consist of following modules:

Product Design & Prototype Development / Customer Discovery – Market Validation & User Experience Design / Business Model Development / Marketing & Communications Strategy / Team & Responsibilities / Partnership Building / Fundraising & Investment / Go to Market Strategy / Impact Evaluation / Potential Pilot Project Development

*Content will be customized according to the teams selected for the program.


Who are we looking for?

Dynamic and committed entrepreneurs and teams focusing on innovative, smart and clean energy ventures and solutions with:

Strong domain expertise / Technical expertise for Fast Product Iterations / Deep understanding of the local market / Strong desire to build a scalable and impactful business


What are the categories?

We are especially interested in startups that fit into one or more of the following categories:

What are the key selection criteria?

Innovation:How innovative are the products or services offered by the startup?

Feasibility:Does the startup offer viable products or services, have a clear business model and serve real market need?

Team:How good is the level of experience and commitment of startup founders and team members?

Impact:How significant is the impact that the startup can contribute to the industry, and the environment?



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  • Smart Energy Incubation/Acceleration Program

    Accepting Applications!

New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia Smart Energy Startup Bootcamps are designed to provide engineers, developers, designers, energy professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about clean energy to learn how to build their own smart and clean energy start-ups! 


The program is open to hardware and software teams and start-ups in all aspects of the energy sector in Indonesia. From energy storage, E-Mobility and energy engagement to smart grids, IOT and energy access.

Bootcamp participants with dynamic and innovative business models will be invited to take part in our subsequent NEX Indonesia Smart Energy Incubation/Acceleration Program to further develop their business and receive potential seed funding.


NEX Indonesia Smart Energy Startup Bootcamp will be held in major cities across Indonesia in collaboration with local partners.


Upcoming Smart Energy Startup Bootcamp

Surabaya, East Java, 13-14 August 2019

NEX Indonesia in collaboration with Universitas Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) will hold Smart Energy Start-up Bootcamp in Surabaya, East Java on 13-14 August 2019.


Information about and registration for the Surabaya Smart Energy Startup Bootcamp is available here.


Partnership opportunities

If you are interested to collaborate with us in your city, please contact Diyanto Imam at


  • SurabayaEnergy Start-up Bootcamp

    August 13-14, 2019


Diyanto Imam
Accelerator Program Director


Yeni Tjiunardi
Investment Director


Stanley Ng
Program Manager

Southeast Asia

Aditya Mulya Pratama
Program Manager


Made Aditya Suryawidya
Program Manager


Muhammad Fathahillah Zuhri
Program Manager


Anindita Sekar Jati
Communications Manager


Dewi Sitepu
Administrative Manager