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Since 2019, New Energy Nexus Philippines has been working to strengthen and raise awareness about our clean energy innovation ecosystem.


We aim to create opportunities to energy businesses, startup founders, enthusiasts and other stakeholders to take an active role in our country’s energy transition through entrepreneurship and innovation.





Despite being a trailblazer in implementing policies and laws that support sustainable energy and climate action, the Philippines still faces some key challenges.

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Lack of Awareness

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Not enough opportunities

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Insufficient talent pipeline

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< 1% of universities offer courses in clean energy


Robust learning & innovation platforms

​​for aspiring and early stage energy entrepreneurs to acquire business skills, technical knowledge and networks

In-Depth Ecosystem



for a thorough understanding

of the current ecosystem & landscape in Indonesia that can be used as a tool 

Strong relationships with stakeholders


identifying and strengthening relationships among stakeholders across the Clean Energy Innovation Ecosystem


The New Energy Ecosystem Mapping is a project initiated by New Energy Nexus in collaboration with different energy and innovation stakeholders in the Philippines.The project aims to produce an interactive ecosystem map, documents & database of various key players and indicators in the Philippine new energy landscape, that include renewable energy and energy-smart technologies. The Model is based on the Energy Innovation Ecosystem (Lin & Chanthavali, 2016)  & Startup Ecosystem (Startup Commons) frameworks



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Energy Incubator Program

An intensive 4-month program designed to support energy entrepreneurs develop their products and services and accelerate their launch to market.

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Solar Innovation Program

A comprehensive 4-month program designed to help solar EPCs, installers and companies to scale their businesses.

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Energy Entrepreneurship 101

A 5- week course where you'll learn about the basics of the energy sector, the different challenges and opportunities for innovation, business models used by energy startups locally and globally. 


Incubation Program

Energy Incubation

The program aims to bring up to 10 startups founders from ideation to revenue generation and scaling stage. The 4-month program will challenge entrepreneurs to push their innovations forward focusing on skills and network building, which are essential components in early stages of their startup journey. Participating entrepreneurs will also have access to New Energy Nexus’s global network of mentors, corporates, governments and investors.

Modules & topics

Renewable Energy Ecosystems

Market Segmentation & Analysis

Product Planning & Development

Climate Impact Assessment 

Financial Management & Modelling 

Product & Business Legalities

Branding, Communications & Sales

Fundraising & Pitching

Incubation program FAQs

1. How can we apply?

Just go to, click the PH Energy Incubation Program, fill out the questionnaire and submit.

2. Do I need a team or can I apply as a solo founder?

A team of 2-3 people is ideal but you may still apply as a solo founder.

3. What do we need to commit?

Attendance and participation to the bi-weekly workshops or learning sessions and weekly update calls with the New Energy Nexus PH team. Other than that, you may spend time working on your startup / venture.

4. Will you be taking equity at the end of the program?

No. The program is geared towards capacity building and providing in-kind support to early stage energy startups.

5. Will there be funding / grants / investments?

The program focuses on skills and network building and connections to our global network of climate and energy investors and funds is included.

Phillipines Innovation Program

Solar Innovation

This free program is specially designed for aspiring and young solar energy entrepreneurs and startups.


New Energy Nexus with CREST, in cooporation with Open Solar invites you join our Solar Energy Program

Modules & topics

Solar Energy Business Basics

Business Efficiency Strategy

Innovation & Technology

This program aims to help you become more efficient with your existing business model and explore innovation solutions.

Innovation Program FAQs

1. Who can join the program?

The program is open to everyone who wants to start a solar energy business. We also welcome young startups and traditional companies who are less than five years old since DTI registration.


2. I already have an existing solar business. What else will I learn from the program?

Other than the basics of distributed solar energy business, we will also have modules on business efficiency and innovation. At the end of the program, we expect participants to become more innovative with their solutions.


3. How much does the program cost?

The program is absolutely FREE!

4. How long will the program last?

The Solar Innovation Program is estimated to last until April or May which will be composed of three phases. The schedule will heavily depend on the availability of most of the participants but the classes will most likely be held on Saturdays.


5. What should I expect from the program?

The program aims to increase the innovation capacity and mindset of solar PV companies, enhance the participants’ business and entrepreneurial skills, improve the solar PV companies’ efficiency and productivity, and grow the participants’ network of partners, investors and clients.



Connex Meetup PH


Meet Up

Quarterly learning and networking event featuring different energy topics and experts.

The objective of the event is to foster collaboration between innovators, startups, corporates and organizations and spark discussions in clean energy.


Light of Hope_Logo_startup_PH.jpg

Light of Hope

The Energy Exchange_startup_PH.jpg

Energy Exchange

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Circular Solutions



Brenda Valerio

Philippines Program Manager

Manila, Philippines

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Philippines Program Consultant

Manila, Philippines

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Philippines Program Associate

Manila, Philippines

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Stanley Ng

Regional Program Manager

South East Asia

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Program Consultant

Cebu City, Philippines

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Program Consultant

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Anne Louise Acero

Anne Louise Acero

Executive Virtual Assistant

Naga City, Philippines

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