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Clean energy technologies are disrupting the world’s electricity and mobility systems, powered by innovations in renewables, energy storage, software intelligence, materials science, financing mechanisms and more. The shift promises to unlock trillions in wealth and economic development, stop the ever worsening impacts of climate change, and empower millions of people who currently don’t have access to modern energy services.

Startups are the engine driving this shift and our mission is to support thousands more.

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South 8 Technologies

Energy storage startup South 8 Technologies started in a hallway between two labs at the University of California, San Diego. Today, South 8 has grown to five employees strong and was recently awarded $150,000 from CalSEED’s Concept Award program to help accelerate the development of its battery chemistry.

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CodeCycle is a software platform created to help city building departments enforce California’s Title 24, Part 6 building efficiency standards. The solution is to basically digitize the standards, so rather than having humans wade through long and complex building code requirements, computers do most of the work for them.

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Sepion Technologies

Sepion Technologies is an advanced materials company offering key components for next-generation electric vehicle batteries and grid-scale energy storage. Peter Frischmann, the CEO, started out his career working on a battery technology that he said is still more than 15 years away from commercial viability. Learn more about their story.

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Solstice Energy Solutions

Solstice Energy Solutions, the California Climate Cup winner, develops an integrated hardware and software platform that allows homes and businesses to monitor, manage, and control all power sources from a mobile application. The company’s product Shyft is a hybrid smart meter and transfer switch that enables distributed energy management using IoT, software, and data-driven approaches replacing the manual changeovers between the grid and the back-up generator or other supply.



Replus, a New Energy Nexus Indonesia Nyala Accelerator startup, has developed a smart home control system to improve residential energy efficiency in air conditioners.


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