New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators and networks. We started in California and also operate programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.


  • Vision

    New Energy Nexus strives towards an abundant world with a 100% clean energy economy for 100% of the population in the shortest time possible. To make this lasting change our work must uplift communities around the globe who have been and continue to be left behind by the failed paradigm of a fossil-fuel economy. To do this we fund, connect and grow diverse new energy entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. We know that focusing on justice and sustainability, while bringing clean energy access for all, will yield greater social and economic dividends. The future of clean energy is 100% for the 100%.

  • Mission

    We support diverse entrepreneurs to drive innovation and build equity into the global clean energy economy.


Launched California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)

The California Clean Energy Fund was launched as the locus of organizations working to advance sustainable energy
in the State.

Our initial plan was to pioneer a non-profit venture capital fund of funds model, making $30 million worth of indirect investments in companies through partnership with venture capital firms. Initial capital came from the settlement of the energy crisis of 2000 between the CPUC and PG&E with the purpose of the serial creation of institutions and investment vehicles that accelerate the adoption of clean energy. This included critical investments in funds including Nth Power, DFJ’s Element Fund, and VantagePoint, which gave us early exposure to deals from Bridgelux to Tesla.


Founding sponsor of UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center

Upon exiting some of these investments, we held a $1m challenge grant competition with the universities of California and proudly became the founding sponsor of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center. This was the premier academic center of excellence for energy efficiency in the US – a credit to the work of our Board member Art Rosenfeld.


Hosted CalCEF Annual Conference

We held the inaugural CalCEF Annual Conference at the PG&E Convention Center in downtown San Francisco, called Transforming Technology with Policy: California’s Success in the Clean Energy Transition. This was an event and theme we have returned to many times in many ways ever since.


Launched CalCEF Innovations

We launched CalCEF Innovations as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the remit to engage and challenge critical stakeholders at the intersection of clean energy policy, technology and finance. This allowed CalCEF to significantly expand its role as the clean energy industry matured, acting as a connective tissue linking relevant players. We have been promoting green new deals ever since!”

Launched CalCEF Angel Network

We launched the CalCEF Angel Network as “a nexus for entrepreneurs, investors, utility companies, government and academia” engaged in early stage development of clean energy technologies.


Published Two White Papers – “Energy Efficiency Paying the Way” and “Funding First Commercial Clean Energy Projects”

We published a pair of white papers by Entrepreneurs-in-Residence on “Energy Efficiency Paying the Way” and “Funding First Commercial Clean Energy Projects,” which led to innovative new contracts being used from Ohio to California and also to some of the authors forming the pioneering energy services company, Metrus, which still does great work today.


Published a white paper on crowd funding for clean energy finance

Ryan Levinson and CalCEF Angel Network partner Paul Fox, published a white paper on crowd funding for clean energy finance. Ryan went on to found SunFunder.


Published Native Energy: A Pilot Study of Pro Bono Programs Supporting the Clean Energy Development Goals of US Tribes

This study led to our interest in supporting real entrepreneurial initiatives on indigenous territory in the USA.


Created Residency Program (XIR & FIR)

eXplorer-In-Residence (XIR) and Founder-In-Residence (FIR) is a grant program that provides the financial launchpad to develop clean energy businesses that are reflective of emerging trends. Entrepreneurs are given $10,000 – $15,000 to cover three months of research, analysis and concept prototyping.


Launched California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative (CalSEED)

CalSEED is a $24m grant program to help early stage California clean energy startups bring their concepts and prototypes to market.

Launched New Energy Nexus, a global network of clean energy accelerators and incubators focused on knowledge sharing, best practices and connections.



Launched New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia with GIZ

Co-founded Free Electrons, a global energy startup accelerator that connects the world’s most promising energy startups with leading utility companies.

Hosted our annual Accelerate Energy Summit in Shanghai with over 70+ clean energy incubators and accelerators.


Launched New Energy Nexus Thailand and Indonesia

Hosted Accelerate Energy Summit Long Beach
Collected +400 signatures for Speedwell Entrepreneurs Call to Action
Invested $3m in cKer’s Finance


We’re driven, hard-working and enjoy helping clean energy accelerators and startups succeed

Andrew Chang
Program Director, China

China / Shanghai

Anna Yee
Operations Associate

USA / Oakland

Brenda Valerio
Program Manager, Philippines

Philippines / Manila

Christina Borsum
Chief Financial Officer

USA / Oakland

Danny Kennedy
Chief Energy Officer

USA / Oakland

Diyanto Imam
Accelerator Program Director, Indonesia

Indonesia / Jakarta

Grace Nifan

USA / Oakland

Haley Nieh
Fundraising and Events Associate

USA / Oakland

Hendrik Tiesinga
Chief Strategy Officer


Jon Bonanno

USA / Oakland

Joy Larson
Program and Implementation Manager

USA / Oakland

Ken Alston
Chief of Staff

USA / Oakland

Kate Frucher
Managing Director, New Energy Nexus - NY

USA / New York

Krittanai Achariyasilp
Project Partner Representative, Thailand

Thailand / Bangkok

Marielle Ednalino
CalTestBed Intern

USA / Oakland

Lily Lu
Project Manager, China

China / Shanghai

Radtasiri Wachirapunyanont
Program Manager, Thailand

Thailand / Bangkok

Ryan Kushner
Global Network and Curriculum Lead

USA / Oakland

Sarah Roberts
Director of Development

Netherlands / Amsterdam

Sarah Chester
Grants Compliance Manager

USA / Oakland

Stanley Ng
Regional Program Manager

Southeast Asia

Tenley Dalstrom
Director, California Programs

USA / Oakland

Van Anh Do
Program Manager, Vietnam

Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh

Yeni Tjiunardi
Investment Director, Indonesia

Indonesia / Jakarta

Yi Ke
Senior Associate, Program Manager, Energy Storage

USA / Oakland


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