10 energy storage startups to watch out for in our New York program’s latest cohort

November 29, 2022

Energy storage is critical to help us unlock the full potential of renewable energy. Without energy storage systems, we would not be able to affordably reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. It is a key step to enable low carbon systems that will help fight climate change and make affordable energy more accessible to everyone.

New York is increasingly becoming known as one of the global energy storage hubs in the world, thanks to Biden’s Build Back Better Plan that will invest billions into climate and clean energy among other select industries. Our New York Program, The Clean Fight that was recently selected to manage US$10M Empire Technology Prize to advance building decarbonization brings you ten growth-stage companies in the latest cohort to accelerate New York’s position as a U.S. hub for energy storage.

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The program will focus on battery and energy storage solutions, development and manufacturing. The goal is to help these companies to successfully and rapidly scale sales and manufacturing in New York. To facilitate this, each of the selected companies is eligible for:

  • a range of tailored benefits, valued at up to $100,000 per company to support capacity building, deployments or manufacturing capabilities in New York;
  • hands-on matchmaking with industry leading customer and capital partners;
    bespoke support services; and
  • expert insight into navigating the New York State market.

Based in Europe, Australia and North America, and working across the value chain, listed below are the ten transformative companies. We’re excited to see how they work together and with our partners to aggressively advance the clean energy transition, while boosting economic opportunity and job creation for all.


Cells & Packs


2022 10 27 cadenza logo transp

Cadenza Innovation, based in Connecticut, makes novel battery packs designed to address one of the greatest concerns with Lithium-Ion batteries – fire prevention, making them safer, more reliable and affordable.



NY’s Electrovaya makes batteries with an exceptional combination of high energy density, safety and longevity, making them particularly well suited to heavy use vehicles such as electric trucks and buses.


Energy Storage Systems

e zinc

Toronto’s e-Zinc makes battery cells that store electrical energy within zinc metal, storing hundreds of hours of energy at a significantly lower cost. This can dramatically improve the value proposition of intermittent electricity such as wind and solar.


glaciem logo

Based in Australia, Glaciem Cooling’s heat pump technology provides heating and cooling to commercial and industrial customers, combined with a phase change thermal battery to provide integrated energy storage, for improved efficiency and cost.


viridi logo blue horizontal 01 01 01

Buffalo, NY based Viridi designs and builds distributed energy storage systems that are affordable, scalable and safe enough for use in occupied buildings, providing on-demand power for industrial, medical, commercial and residential applications.


Mobile & Mobility Systems

elonroad logobl 1000

Sweden’s Elonroad produces dynamic EV charging solutions embedded into roads, allowing for charging on the go. This also enables battery sizes to be reduced by up to 80%.



Portable Electric, based in Vancouver, makes portable, battery-based generators to replace gas and diesel generators, providing clean, silent power on demand. Their systems are used on job sites, for emergency EV and fleet charging, and as backup power.


Distributed Energy Resources

ecamion logo

Canadian company eCAMION delivers a Distributed Energy Resource solution for customers looking to manage batteries, solar installations, and EV chargers to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost and strain to the grid.


ohmconnect logo new

OhmConnect, based in California, builds Virtual Power Plants by connecting to residential batteries, EVs and smart thermostats, reacting in real time to the needs of the grid, reducing reliance on high-pollution peaker plants and lowering GHG emissions.


yotta energy logo horizontal full color

Austin, Texas based Yotta Energy produces distributed energy products, including EV chargers and the first solar battery that integrates behind rooftop solar panels. The integrated battery significantly reduces installation costs, along with its plug-and-play design that means if you can install a solar module, you can install their battery.


Learn more about our New York program, The Clean Fight designed to help the world’s best growth-stage startups significantly scale their business in New York State, while boosting economic opportunity and job creation for all. The Clean Fight is also a member of the winning New Energy New York coalition, who were awarded $113M as part of the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge.