18 of California’s most innovative clean energy startups just got US$4.7 million to test their tech

June 27, 2023

If you’re a clean energy startup with new technology, one of your biggest challenges is convincing partners and investors that your tech is scalable and commercially viable.

Enter CalTestBed.

Our CalTestBed program provides California-based entrepreneurs with access to more than 70 world-class testing facilities at nine University of California campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab with the aim to de-risk and accelerate the commercialization of their innovations.

Introducing 18 awardees in our latest cohort

Thanks to the funding provided from the California Energy Commission, we have awarded US$4.7 million in vouchers this year to empower 18 cutting-edge clean energy companies in our third cohort to test their tech.
A huge congratulations to all the entrepreneurs who have earned this incredible opportunity.



automat solutions

1. Automat Solutions

Automat Solutions was founded with a mission to accelerate material innovation and disrupt the lithium battery market. Automat employs automated artificial intelligence (A.I.) and high-throughput robotic experimentation workflows to efficiently identify ideal electrolyte chemistries that enable high performance and high energy density lithium batteries.

Why we’re excited to support them?

They envision creating a more energy efficient world and healthier environment by creating novel chemistries that enable higher performance battery solutions.



dakota energy labs

2. Dakota Energy Systems

Dakota Energy Systems developed and deployed a patented technology that harvests energy from closed loop fluid flow systems called a Hydroelectric Power System or HEPS. Dakota Energy Systems aims to develop its Hydro Electric Power System (HEPS) for energy harvesting within the municipal and private water, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, commercial, industrial or manufacturing industries.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation has the potential to promote distributed hydro throughout California and contribute to water management objectives.




3. Delphire

Delphire is dedicated to preventing and containing wildfires by providing actionable real-time information from remote and dangerous locations. Delphire’s innovative technology, the “Sentinel: Wildfire AI” (Or “Sentinel”) prevents the damage caused from these electric grid-related fires by providing customers with a real-time, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based detection system that reports fires in their earliest stages and provides a visual image for confirmation from anywhere.

Why we’re excited to support them?

The product addresses a pressing need in the market by offering a fresh approach to fire mitigation.

hago energetics

4. Hago Energetics

Hago Energetics produces low carbon hydrogen using waste materials, such as animal waste. They do this via a proprietary process which breaks down waste methane into carbon and hydrogen. The hydrogen is used as fuel for transportation and the carbon goes into the soil.

Why we’re excited to support them?

The market for green hydrogen is expanding in various directions, with a growing demand for sustainable solutions.



5. Hydroplane

Hydroplane is developing a modular 200-kW (270 hp) hydrogen fuel cell power plant for general aviation and regional transportation. The company’s novel electric propulsion power plant, funded by the U.S. Air Force’s prestigious Agility Prime Program and led by space program veterans, will replace combustion-piston driven engines in aircraft.

Why we’re excited to support them?

The company provides an innovative solution to drive multiple industries towards fuel cell technology.


onyx power


ONYX POWER (“ONYX”) is a minority-owned small business that designs and manufactures zero-emissions, rugged and portable power equipment – a replacement for gas and diesel generators.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation presents a promising solution to address the “micro-grid” gap as an alternative to whole-home generators.


pace ai


PACE AI has developed a multi-feature product suite and AI/ML solution, spanning control of commercial and industrial HVAC/R for energy efficiency and demand reduction, diagnostics and monitoring.

Why we’re excited to support them?

PACE AI can reduce energy consumption (kWh and therms), and thus the cost of that consumption. In electric cooling and electric heating, PACE AI can also reduce at-the-meter demand (kW) substantially as a permanent demand reduction (PDR) measure, providing additional savings from reduced demand charges.



PARC is developing a sensor commissioning and optimization system that commissions many sensors per zone (e.g., dozens) at high speed and low cost. It uses augmented reality and wireless networking to capture building geometry, floor plans, sensor positions, and sensor network addresses in a single session.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation has the significant potential of deploying sensors, data analytics, AI, and localized HVAC actuators in reducing energy consumption, enhancing occupant comfort, and increasing worker productivity.

prahbu energy labs

9. Prabhu Energy Labs

Prabhu Energy Labs‘ “Oxiperator” is an all-metal, porous heat exchanger that oxidizes weak methane without generating NOx. The Oxiperator consumes methane emissions as weak as 0.3% volume (mixed in air) and can power a gas turbine at concentrations as low as 1.5%.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Considering the emerging stage of methane abatement markets, their innovation is regarded as worthy of the CalTestBed testing voucher. If successfully operated at scale, it has the potential to make a significant impact on emissions reductions.


10. Pulsenics

Pulsenics‘ mission is to provide the tools to drive the electrochemical industry towards a more sustainable and efficient reality. The Pulse Probe is hardware that performs in-situ characterization of electrochemical stacks without requiring stack shut-down or disruption.

Why we’re excited to support them?

They demonstrate a deep understanding of the niche market and the benefits that the innovation can bring to both industry and ratepayers are evident.

safi organics

11. Safi Organics

Safi Sarvi is a locally produced carbon-negative fertilizer that has been shown to improve yields by up to 30% for smallholder farmers. By eliminating the need for long-distance fertilizer transportation, the company not only significantly reduces costs but also provides farmers with a higher-quality product. Furthermore, farmers who utilize this product can generate an additional 20-30% income through increased harvests.

Why we’re excited to support them?

The company is successfully converting biomass to biochar through biomass pyrolysis, a technically challenging process that they have demonstrated consistency in with 7,000 customers in Africa. They’ve achieved impressive results in terms of yield, climate impact, and economic outcomes in the African context, making it worthwhile to explore implementation in California.

sea dragon energy

12. Sea Dragon Energy

Sea Dragon Energy is a cleantech developer specializing in innovative solutions for harnessing the potential of distributed energy sources. Their flagship product, Lynx mPower, is designed to revolutionize the utilization of self-generated and stored energy, providing significant benefits to consumers and society as a whole.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation shows promise as a cost-effective retrofit solution for California ratepayers.


13. SolarFlexes

SolarFlexes is developing smart, prefabricated solar arrays that are built on an automated manufacturing line and delivered to a project site 90% complete.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation is a well-thought-out response to a clearly defined problem. Their innovation benefits ratepayers by reducing electricity costs.

true balancing

14. True Balancing

True Balancing offers a cost-effective and straightforward modification to battery management electronics, providing multiple benefits. Their innovation allows battery capacity to be increased by an impressive range of 5% to 15%, and True Balancing contributes to cost savings by reducing the purchase expenses of batteries by 5% to 10%.

Why we’re excited to support them?

True Balancing’s innovative approach aims to improve the efficiency of energy storage batteries by effectively balancing the state of charge and discharge, surpassing existing Battery Storage System (BSS) capabilities. The potential overall improvements in efficiency and extended lifespan of energy storage systems could lead to substantial cost saving.

wild technologies

15. Wild Technologies

Wild Technologies is a battery pack supplier formed by the twin brothers Riley and Justin Rodenburg. Their electrical engineering background and prior experience at Bollinger Motors and Rivian Automotive, respectively, have provided them with the unique insights and experience to design a battery pack that is 20% cheaper with 40% fewer parts than the industry leaders.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation addresses emerging and underserved aspects of the e-mobility sector, showcasing the company’s strong understanding of these markets.


16. WonderWindow

WonderWindows are multi-pane acrylic windows that are designed to be easily assembled from pre-cut parts by makers with scissors, high bond tape and a paint-on edge coating.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation has the potential to bring about significant improvements and cost reductions for builders, while also offering substantial energy savings for consumers. The concept of frame to frame windows holds the promise of enhancing insulation in buildings, resulting in reduced energy consumption and increased comfort levels.



Xendee is a leading company specializing in Microgrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions. Their comprehensive platform offers end-to-end design, planning, and control capabilities for the efficient deployment of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

Why we’re excited to support them?

The significant advantages of their technology includes real-time optimization and adaptability to changing operational conditions.

xponent power

18. Xponent Power

Xponent Power is a disruptive renewable energy company with a mission to enable widespread solar adoption in markets that cannot be served by traditional solar solutions. The core of Xponent Power’s innovation is a versatile and patented retractable solar technology platform that is poised to enable a wide range of applications including recreational vehicles, military, emergency relief, and residential power.

Why we’re excited to support them?

Their innovation shows great promise in an underutilized solar market, with the potential to support the power grid through localized microgrids.