3 Indonesian climate startups to watch out for from our Smart Energy Program

May 12, 2023

Earlier this year, New Energy Nexus Indonesia called upon innovative clean energy and climate startups in the country to participate in our Smart Energy Program 2023 Cohort. This business acceleration and incubation program aims to provide tailored support to startups that are accelerating the clean energy transition in Indonesia.

Given the incredible response to our program last year and the steady growth of our climate startup alumni, it is becoming clear that clean energy and climate innovation is thriving more than ever before in Indonesia.

We are excited to announce the addition of three new startups to our  Smart Energy Program 2023 Cohort that is currently running. The world is transitioning towards a more sustainable future, and these startups are leading the charge by creating innovative clean energy solutions that are contributing to the growth of the sustainable economy in Indonesia.

1. BuangDisini


BuangDisini is a startup that is making waves in the ESG space by connecting informal sectors to recycling industries. The company offers an end-to-end digitized waste management service with high-value recycling and recovery rates for the waste collected.  By connecting users or depositors of waste to waste pick-up agents, as well as processing the plastic waste into recycled plastic material, BuangDisini is helping the community to ensure that waste is disposed off responsibly.

Buang Disini


2. Databiota


Databiota is a carbon emissions recycling biotechnology company utilizing data, technology, and microorganisms to convert CO2 in the air into a sustainable source of protein. Their microorganism technology can produce a single-cell protein (SCP) to be effectively used in animal feeds.

3. CarbonEthics


CarbonEthics is a clean tech startup with a grassroots approach, accelerating the supply of high-quality carbon credits through nature-based solutions.  As the world is grappling with climate change, CarbonEthics’ innovative approach is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of companies and individuals alike.