How to craft a winning pitch deck for your climate startup

July 14, 2023
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Senior Investment Associate, New Energy Nexus Indonesia

”As a senior investment associate at New Energy Nexus Indonesia, I’ve reviewed hundreds of pitch decks from startups seeking funding.

It’s no easy task creating a well-narrated pitch deck that captures investors’ attention and effectively communicates your startup’s value proposition. But, here are five essential tips to help you create a killer pitch deck that will maximize your chances of securing funding for your climate startup.”

1. Start with a compelling problem statement

Begin your pitch deck by defining the problem related to climate change that your startup is addressing. Show the urgency and significance of the problem, highlighting not only the destructive impact to the environment but more importantly, the pain points experienced by the users/customers (“the impacted stakeholders”) and its relevance to the local context. You can use statistics, visuals, or real-world cases to make it more compelling. A great problem statement will grab investors’ attention and help them recognize the urgency, relevance, and necessity of your solution.

2. Articulate your unique value proposition

After presenting the problem, you now need to present your startup’s innovative solution. Clearly explain how your technology or product addresses the problem more effectively than existing solutions. Investors need to see the uniqueness and potential for disruption in your approach, why your solution is better than any other solution out there, and why customers would want to buy your product or service. Your solution should be clear and concise, focusing on the heart of the problem, not every last feature.

Explaining the product features with a short video demo or a diagram can be presented in another section of the deck (the product section), while the solution slide should only be telling us: “why instead of doing that, we do this.” Investors shouldn’t spend minutes digesting the content — it should be obvious and to the point. So keep the visuals lightweight in this slide.

3. Showcase your market opportunity

Investors want to know how big the market size is, and how you are going to capture that market. Provide a reasonable Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) and translate that into $$ value.

You can also include data such as growth rate, key market trends, and highlight any regulatory or policy support that could further catalyze your startup’s growth. A clear market assessment will instill confidence in investors regarding the scalability and potential for profit and impact of your venture.

4. Present a solid business model

Illustrate your business model to demonstrate how your startup generates revenue and achieve profitability as well as impact. Clearly explain your revenue streams, pricing strategy, and financial viability. A well-defined business model will convince investors of your ability to generate sustainable returns on their investments.

5. Highlight your team members

Investors place emphasis on the execution capabilities of the founding team. Therefore it is crucial to fit in a dedicated page in your deck  to introduce key members of your team and highlight their relevant experience and expertise. Showcase any previous achievements, partnerships, or notable milestones that demonstrate your startup’s progress and momentum. Let them know how strategic and capable your team is!

Lastly, there is no such thing as a one deck-fits-all. You need to craft each pitch decks according to whom you are addressing and identifying each investor’s focus or appetite. But all pitch deck require compelling storytelling, market insights, and financial viability. Be sure to iterate and refine your pitch deck based on feedback and learnings from each interaction with investors and practice your presentation skills.

If you’re in Indonesia and  looking for the best-fitting investors to help with your startup journey, New Energy Nexus Indonesia is hosting an Investment Speed Dating event for clean energy and climate tech startups. The event is happening on 7 September 2023 and we are accepting applications from 5 June to 14 July  2023.

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