2023 Climate Fintech Accelerator opens to startups around the world

February 22, 2023


Shanghai, China, 22 February 2023 – The 2023 Climate Fintech Accelerator hosted by New Energy Nexus (NEX) has officially started recruitment. It is an accelerator dedicated to the climate finance sector, aimed at accelerating fintech innovation by providing support services to startups such as commercial matchmaking, training, and networking.

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. Solving the problem of climate change requires collective action and innovative solutions in multiple areas.

Carbon trading markets have been launched in several countries and regions, and policies requiring ESG disclosure are increasing in many jurisdictions. The connection between finance and climate is becoming increasingly close, and financial technology has also made progress in the areas of climate and sustainable development.

The 2023 Climate FinTech Accelerator Program will focus on two main application scenarios: “Web3 in Sustainability” and “Carbon Accounts”. It will also focus on eight major industry directions: Payments, Banking, Lending, Investing, Trading, Risk analysis, Insurance Technology (Insurtech), Regulatory Technology (Regtech).

The  accelerator will benefit startups in the following ways:

  • Opportunities to access global markets and networking: Startups from all over the world can apply for the accelerator. The accelerator hosts different events to build an ecosystem for startups to communicate and network with industry professionals and potential investors.
  • Training and development: The accelerator offers various training courses to help entrepreneurs develop leadership skills and industry knowledge.
  • Industry support: Startups will receive support services, such as industrial matchmaking, to accelerate their practical application collaboration with industry companies.

We welcome all entrepreneurs who are passionate about decarbonization and climate change, and who have confidence in their technology and products.. We invite applicants to apply for the 2023 Climate Fintech Accelerator and collaborate with other outstanding entrepreneurs: application in English and in Chinese.

There will be a rolling recruitment, with the deadline for the first batch of applications on March 26, 2023. More information about the accelerator can be found in the application package.

Contact for more information:

Austin Lu, Climate Fintech Associate, New Energy Nexus, austin.lu@newenergynexus.com

Media contacts:

Tristan Tremschnig, Global Communications Director, New Energy Nexus (based in California), tristan.tremschnig@newenergynexus.com

Jasper Shen, Communications Manager, New Energy Nexus China (based in Shanghai) jasper.shen@newenergynexus.com