New Energy Nexus and Clean Tech Hub announce partnership to scale clean energy entrepreneurship in West Africa

March 24, 2022

24 March 2022, Abuja, Nigeria – A new partnership between New Energy Nexus and Clean Tech Hub announced today will accelerate diverse clean energy entrepreneurs and the development of local ecosystems to support climate solutions across Nigeria and West Africa.

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, Clean Tech Hub is a pioneering hub for the research, development, and incubation of clean technologies, increasing energy access and improving climate resilience. The partnership will leverage New Energy Nexus’ expertise in accelerating clean energy startups around the world through funds, skills and networks at the most critical stages of an entrepreneur’s journey to build their climate solution. 

“Clean Technology Hub has been a leading accelerator in the Clean Tech ecosystem for several years, incubating several early-stage startups and providing them with growth support in the years to come. We are excited to meet New Energy Nexus in this partnership and to continue supporting clean energy startups,” said Ifeoma Malo, CEO and co-founder at Clean Tech Hub. 

“Our partnership with New Energy Nexus will allow us to further scale our impact as we expand across West Africa – a particularly urgent task given the need for grassroots and locally developed solutions to tackle the climate crisis.”

West Africa is at the forefront of climate change impacts, but is also poised to be a center for economic growth and innovation. Nigeria, already the largest economy and population in Africa, is projected to have the 14th largest economy by GDP in the world by 2050. Over 30% of Nigerian residents are new entrepreneurs or the owner/manager of a new business – among the highest rates in the world. West Africa, home to more than 380 million people, is one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world.

“There are not enough diverse and thriving clean energy entrepreneurs to match the scale of the clean energy transition, at the global level, let alone in the regions we need it most. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Clean Tech Hub. Not only is it Nigeria’s leading organization supporting clean energy innovation, it is perfectly positioned to scale local climate solutions across West Africa,” said Danny Kennnedy, CEO of New Energy Nexus.

The New Energy Nexus and Clean Tech Hub partnership is a region-wide acceleration program for West African countries with a climate fintech program in Nigeria already in an early design stage.

About New Energy Nexus:

New Energy Nexus is the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs. NEX started in Silicon Valley and now operates an ecosystem of programs and partners across 11 countries that we’ve identified as most strategic for clean energy development. Since 2004, NEX has leveraged US$1.5 billion in investment, invested in over 100 clean energy enterprises, and supported over 450 more through its industry leading programs. 

About Clean Tech Hub

Clean Tech Hub is a pioneering hybrid hub for the research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean and green ideas and technologies in Africa, and their validation for commercial-stage development.  It is an early start-up incubator for inventions and innovations in clean energy, a consultancy for sustainability and energy efficiency solutions and a driver of clean energy investment into Africa.

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