New Energy Nexus launches its 2024 Climate Fintech Accelerator 

February 21, 2024

Shanghai, 29 January 2024 – The New Energy Nexus (NEX) 2024 Climate Fintech Accelerator is now open for applications. The accelerator aims to foster innovation in the climate finance sector, providing startups with resources for business growth, product buildup, and extensive networking opportunities.

Last year marked the launch of the first NEX Climate Fintech Accelerator, which hosted 14 startups over an eight-month program, supporting 51 entrepreneurs, and more than 15 industry-specific events.

This year, we’re embarking on another journey. The 2024 NEX Climate Fintech Accelerator will focus on two key application areas: Web3 in Sustainability and Cross-Border Carbon Management. The program will cover eight domains, including Payments, Banking, Lending, Investing, Trading, Risk Analysis, Insurance Technology (Insurtech), and Regulatory Technology (Regtech).

The year-long program is for startups around the globe and designed to support the most innovative and impactful climate fintech entrepreneurs. In addition to mentorship and industry networking, the accelerator will focus on customer acquisition and capacity building.

We welcome all entrepreneurs who have passion in decarbonization and climate innovations and confidence in their technology and products. Apply for the 2024 Climate Fintech Accelerator: English and Chinese.

There will be a rolling recruitment, with the deadline for priority applications on March 24, 2024.

Program contacts:

Contact for more information: Luna Zhang, Climate Fintech Associate, New Energy Nexus,

Media contacts:

Tristan Tremschnig, Global Communications Director, New Energy Nexus (based in California),

Jasper Shen, Communications Manager, New Energy Nexus China (based in Shanghai)