Nex Energy Storage And Ev

The Energy Storage & Mobility Program at New Energy Nexus aims to advance global innovation in battery/electrochemical energy storage as well as electric mobility. The program works with startups through launch, funding, acceleration and scale up programs. Initiatives include overseeing the CalCharge energy storage consortium, the Bay Area Battery Summit, and connecting startups to established companies for collaborative innovation activities. We have recently expanded to add a focus on mobility, recognizing the importance of moving to a decarbonized transportation sector.


Includes collaborative events such as conferences and hackathons, focused on ideation and team formation.


Targeted funding opportunities in collaboration with corporate partners.


Supports startups with matchmaking and commercial partnerships.

Scale Up Icon


Pilot opportunities connecting proven solutions to corporate partners for demonstration projects and deployment.



CalCharge is a battery and electrochemical energy storage membership program comprised of startups and established companies, research institutions, laboratories, and other key stakeholders. Technologies developed by CalCharge members support the electric vehicle, grid, and consumer electronics markets. Partners include U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories.

Bay Area Battery Summit (BABS)

Annual conference with global participants, featuring battery technology leaders from the corporate, investment, startup, research, academic, and government sectors.