The climate tech startups decarbonizing Thailand’s economy

May 24, 2024

The Decarbonize Thailand Symposium we co-hosted with True Digital Park is one of the year’s most significant clean energy meetings in Thailand. It’s also a unique opportunity to showcase local global climate tech startups, and build partnerships with some of the country’s biggest corporations.

Now in its second year, we teamed up with Denso and Mitsubishi Thailand to focus on four arenas: e-mobility, decarbonization, agritech, and energy.

New Energy Nexus showcased over 20 startups at the symposium, with an additional 37 expressing interest from both Thailand and abroad, spanning countries like India, Japan, the Philippines, and Singapore. Here are a few of them…


Algal Bio (Japan)

Algal Bio is revolutionizing industries with their ‘Algae Biofoundry Platform’. Their tech licensing service unlocks the power of algae, identifying top strains and cultivation methods for everything from wellness to carbon neutralization.

Masahiro Kida, Team Leader for International Business Development, Algal Bio

Gideon One (Thailand)

Gideon’s platform offers complete carbon accounting and energy trading capabilities, making it easy for SMEs and non-technical users to track and trade carbon emissions. Specializing in scalable, emission tracking, and simulation digital platforms, they’re leading the way towards a greener future.

Chosen Energy (Thailand)

Chosen Digital is leading the charge in future energy innovation. Partnering  with PEA, they’re pioneering the next-gen energy landscape with cutting-edge EV charging and beyond. From energy trading to virtual power plants, they’re transforming the game with plans for regional expansion.

New Energy Nexus Thailand_The Decarbonize Thailand Symposium

Worapoj Ruenrerngwong, Founder & CEO, Chosen Group

Meds Venture (Singapore)

Multi Energy Decarbonized Solutions (MEDS) is unlocking sustainable energy solutions. As leaders in scalable energy modeling, they harness cutting-edge platforms,  empowering businesses with actionable strategies to offset and slash carbon emissions, driving sustainable operations forward.

Alternō (Vietnam)

Alternō Air is revolutionizing green energy with sand batteries! Their Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system is changing the game, offering efficient and eco-friendly energy storage for zero-emission heating in agriculture and industry.


“For the last 20 years, we have supported 1,200 companies working in this energy and climate space across 13 different countries. Our mission is to build hundreds of companies in each country, helping our industry leaders to decarbonize their businesses.” Stanley Ng, Global Partnerships Director at New Energy Nexus.

New Energy Nexus Thailand

Stanley Ng, Global Partnerships Director at New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus Thailand has supported clean energy innovators since  2017, and fostered a thriving ecosystem for startup teams dedicated to tackling rising energy demands and climate change. Our programs empower entrepreneurs to drive innovation in the clean energy sector, with corporate partnership a critical strategy to decarbonising the broader economy.

Learn more about NEX Thailand and check out our climate tech ecosystem mapping report.