Two long-term friends explore eco-anxiety, optimism and hope in the face of climate change. Cate and Danny interview guests along the way, discussing the challenges humankind face and celebrate the ground-breaking work of those tackling the climate crisis. It’s a listening experience to empower the change we all want to see. Featuring an exclusive soundtrack by Grammy Award-winning electronic artist Imogen Heap and biologist and filmmaker Dan O’Neill, it’s the podcast about climate change that gives you hope…. hopefully.

Climate of Change with Cate Blanchett and Danny Kennedy is co-created and co-hosted by multi award-

winning actor, producer and environmental advocate, Cate Blanchett (Don’t Look Up, Nightmare Alley, Blue Jasmine); and climate entrepreneur and activist, Danny Kennedy, who is CEO of New Energy Nexus and Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund.

Episode 1: The Sooner The Better

Episode 2: The Disruptive Decade

Episode 3: Collective Urge

Episode 4: Collective Action

Episode 5: Boring as Batteries

Episode 6: Culture of Change


Episode 1:
The Sooner The Better

Cate and Danny seek advice from former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, about how to become ‘prisoners of hope’. Social historian Rutger Bregman tells us why we should be more positive about humankind and we travel to the Philippines to meet entrepreneur Jeraiza Molina bringing clean energy to night fisherfolk.


Episode 2:
The Disruptive Decade

HRH Prince William discusses his ambitious Earthshot Prize and the global initiatives designed to save our environment. Other guests include economic thought leader and author Tony Seba and Agamemnon Otero, who is transforming communities and train platforms across London.


Episode 3:
Collective Urge

This episode explores our collective urge to harness the power of the sun over the ages. Navajo Power is bringing solar energy to the Navajo Nation, whilst being a force for social good in native lands. And Katy Milkman explores how we can change our behavior to combat climate change.


Episode 4:
Collective Action

Cate and Danny meet some of the innovators changing the way we use, move, and store energy. And author and inventor Saul Griffith leads the call to ‘electrify everything’ in order to build a better world.


Episode 5:
Boring as Batteries

Danny will attempt to convince Cate that batteries are the lynchpin of our future fairer planet, and at the heart of a global renewable revolution. They hear stories from around the world, from lithium mining in Chile and Cornwall, to electric car battery recycling in Norway.


Episode 6:
Culture of Change

Cate and Danny delve into the role the creative arts play when telling the story of climate change. Can films, literature, art, fashion and music really make a difference? They speak to director Adam McKay (Don’t Look Up), artist Luke Jerram (Gaia), fashion activist Livia Firth, and musician Imogen Heap.

Imogen Heap – music artist, composer, and producer behind Climate of Change’s score

Luke Jerram – multi- disciplinary artist, creator of Gaia

Livia FirthEco-Age and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge

Adam McKay – Film director of “Don’t Look Up”