Digital fintech could play a major role in the move to a decarbonized world. Many of the technology solutions to“electrify everything” and create better energy solutions have a high capital expense upfront, but low operating cost. These can be financed. From innovative loans to reduce upfront costs of new technologies and improving energy access, to software-based energy trading platforms, we are accelerating ideas that radically reinvent traditional project finance and energy business models.


Blockfint has developed a next-generation electricity trading platform enabling market participants to transact directly leading to better efficiencies.

Blockfint is participating in our 2021 Thailand Energy Program



Ivy Energy is using intelligent algorithms to enable multi-unit building owners to install a shared solar system that benefits multiple housing units, ensuring that both owners and tenants receive a financial benefit.

Participated in the third CalSEED cohort in California



Dipole aims to build a reliable and efficient platform to trade distributed energy in any scenario using blockchain technology and Internet of Things. For energy providers, Dipole will be the energy platform of smart cities in the future, providing energy and information effectively for trillions of devices on the demand side.

EXCEL Accelerator 2020 cohort, powered by New Energy Nexus China