New Energy Nexus has adopted a systematic approach to different types of innovation. One such is the energy input into light and heavy industry and farming, which includes the water used to irrigate modern agriculture. With renewable generation and financial innovation as the cornerstones of our work, we advance a range of solutions needed in these critical areas that are substantial contributors to the climate crises.


Cydee has invented a new type of street light for cities in India and around the world that reduce energy consumption and costs by 40%, and reduce CO2 emissions by 18 tons per kilometer!

Cydee took part in India’s first ever solar hackathon.



ReJoule is developing a battery diagnostic platform as a drop-in solution to replace or embed into an existing battery management system for large battery packs, consisting of a modular hardware and a data processing software component.

Recipients of CalSEED concept and prototype award in California USA, and finalist in our sector-specific Energy Storage & Mobility program.



Celadyne Technologies, Inc. is developing a new proton exchange membrane (PEM) for use in fuel cells and electrolyzers. Their technology can operate at a higher temperature compared with other PEMs in order to increase energy efficiency, ease challenges with temperature management, and reduce cost.

Celadyne successfully applied for membership of cohort 417 at the Third Derivative Accelerator, our joint venture with the Rocky Mountain Institute.



Khaira developed and launched energy storage solutions for large-scale residential buildings to ensure safe, efficient and continuous power supply.

Khaira was a participant in our 2019 Nyala Accelerator in Indonesia.



Coreshell Technologies is developing thin-film battery electrode coating technology that will enable lower cost, longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries that require less battery management, allowing for wider deployment of energy storage.

Recipient of CalSEED concept and prototype award in California USA