Together, buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of carbon emissions, with operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounting for 28%. This is a huge piece of the puzzle and needs new ideas. Our programs bring together startups and visionary corporate partners to scale solutions from electrification, efficiency, and intelligent buildings to envelope solutions, 
next-gen materials and more.


Hago Energetics, Inc. aims to help farms become more profitable by converting farm waste to high-value products, such as hydrogen and valuable carbons. They break down organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, in conditions with no oxygen to produce a biogas that is later decomposed to hydrogen and carbon; this hydrogen is expected to sell at a lower cost and lower carbon footprint than the current methods.

Cydee took part in India’s first ever solar hackathon.



Waterhound Futures, Inc. will demonstrate a cloud-based predictive modeling and analytics software that enables companies and municipalities to optimize performance and cost efficiencies of water and wastewater treatment, ultimately reducing the use of energy and freshwater in conventional treatment processes.

CalSEED prototype awardee, California USA