Critical to our mission, we develop and manage startup support programs, building on our extensive experience in California and our innovative accelerators around the world. Based around the needs of the startups we seek to support, we design holistic programs that can include seed funding, demonstrations, and pilots. We may partner with organizations to jointly run these to add local or specialist knowledge. We also work with corporations to source a pipeline of innovations, and with foundations to grow companies where they fill a need they see. As a non-profit organization, the focus of our resources possible is dedicated to the success of diverse entrepreneurs we support per our mission and vision.

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Some of our programs are intended to create new ideas and teams to test them. For this focus on ideation and team formation work we often run short “startup weekend” events, like hackathons and climate launchpads.


Other programs are designed more for existing teams, who have a product or service in mind or in prototype and sometimes being sold. Whether the company is pre-revenue or post, we have curricula that provides them best practice and learning, as well as connections to “non-financial capital” like tools, resources, mentors and customers, which we bundle

up in training programs we generally call accelerators. For more on this check out our book about this kind of work from 2018: Accelerate This!


Over the years, we have offered entrepreneurs at different stages in their journey to start a clean energy company or category a residency. These include seasoned founders, who are having a go at their second, third or fourth venture; as well as explorers-in-residence that we are encouraging to try their ideas even though their circumstances don’t make that easy. We provide organizational backing, mentoring, business model thinking and sometimes some investment to get these companies off the ground.

We provide a range of funding support in the form of fiscal sponsorships, non-dilutive grants, equity and debt. Learn more



Like many entrepreneur support organizations, we sometimes assist corporates to build a pipeline of innovations that may be useful to their transformation, by introducing great startups.

And we assist the entrepreneurs by making key introductions to them to source customers, learn about scaled operations and generally understand their markets. It is a win-win formula that we have put to good use for utilities and battery manufacturers alike in the last five years, accelerating startups’ success.


Working with our partners, we design programs focused on accelerating the development, commercialization, and adoption of specific technologies and other innovations.  Learn more


Our partnership with NYSERDA in New York is called The Clean Fight.  This accelerator's initial cohort of startup companies is focused on making buildings cleaner with breakthrough solutions that reduce emissions while making life better for tenants. 

Learn more


Tackling the climate crisis is a once-in-a-generation, trillion-dollar economic opportunity. And none of us can do it alone. That’s why Rocky Mountain Institute and New Energy Nexus founded D3 in early 2020. Learn more

We design our programs around the needs of the startups we support and the cohorts they belong to.  You can be sure that your program will consist of some or all of the above, and we're always inventing new techniques that help you be more successful.  If you're excited by the potential of working with NEX, please check out the GEOs where we're focused, or just get in touch and let's see if there's a fit!