New Energy Nexus partnered with Climate Collective, India to run India’s first Solar Hackathon in New Delhi. Since then, we have continued to grow accelerator programs in Asia, sharing information and supporting each other’s growth.


After three years of working together, we formalised our  partnership with Climate Collective to form “New Energy Nexus India”, which combined is one of the largest early-stage clean energy and cleantech startup platforms in India and South Asia, engaging over 200 startups every year.


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Do you have a business idea to power the future of Indian electric utilities?

ElectronVibe is a business-case development competition to identify and showcase entrepreneurial and technological innovations by mature power sector startups for Indian electric utilities, with refined solutions arrived at via a co-creation process.

This is a selective program and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. To know more about the program and apply, please click below.



Climate Launchpad

ClimateKIC is the EU’s leading climate innovation platform.

Climate Launchpad is a Climate KIC accelerator program.  This early stage discovery program helps entrepreneurs understand whether their product or solution has sufficient market potential to proceed, and is present in 65 countries that feeds into the ClimateKIC Accelerator.

Through this program we have built the largest early stage cleantech startup platform in India and South Asia including Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and Nepal with over 200 startups each year in our programs.


Climate Runway

Climate Runway is a follow-on accelerator to Climate Launchpad. We have partnered with Science & Technology Park, Pune, to run the accelerator, and it is funded by Department of Science and Technology

Women in Energy Entrepreneurship


Women in Energy Entrepreneurship (WEE) initiative is a portfolio of programs aiming at a gender-inclusive transition to sustainability through innovation. This is a program by New Energy Nexus, India, powered by Climate Collective Foundation and funded by Good Energies Foundation

If you are a woman in India passionate about innovation in clean energy and energy access, these programs are for you. WEE aims to seed the ecosystem by giving a boost to the number of women taking up entrepreneurship. It also supports women-led startups in early stages to build capacity to further leverage opportunities in the ecosystem and commercialize faster.

The following are the set of programs planned over the year 2021-2023

For aspiring women entrepreneurs:

Climate Label
A 6-week energy entrepreneurship development
program for female students currently enrolled in various universities and has an aptitude for technology.

Climate Certificate
A nine-month entrepreneurship development course for recently graduated women through a practical, learning-by-doing curriculum. The program will introduce participants to technical skills and business acumen, which will enable them to take a plunge in entrepreneurship in their early career.

For women-led startups:

Climate Start
This program is designed to provide domain expertise and networks to support women-led cleantech startups that are part of other more ‘generic’ (or non-thematic) incubators.

Climate Ready for Women
This is a 6-month pre- accelerator program designed specifically for early-stage women entrepreneurs in clean energy
business to support and prepare them with skills, networking opportunities and confidence building measures to enter accelerators and other support programs (e.g., grants)

cKers Finance

New Energy Nexus partnered with cKers to provide project finance for decentralized renewable energy companies. These include the nascent pay-as-you-go models in India for residential and commercial solar systems, solar pumps, and off-grid solar for micro/mini-grids segments. Part of the proceeds will also be invested in the emerging ESCO (energy service company models) that promote energy efficiency.

cKers (pronounced ‘seekers’) Finance is a specialized renewable energy finance company that operates in the rapidly growing segments around clean energy and energy efficiency. Launched in 2016, it is developing new instruments for project finance in decentralized renewable energy, creating standards for sustainable energy bonds and building data around risk metrics. To date New Energy Nexus has invested $5 million cKers Finance Sustainable Energy Bond (SEB).