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The New Energy Nexus team has 20+ years of experience guiding diverse entrepreneurs through the early stages of technology development into commercialization and impact, from building and testing a prototype to workforce development.


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Want to build a more just and inclusive lithium supply chain in California?

California is a world leader in EV and battery technologies and is home to some of the largest lithium reserves in the world. Our new report maps jobs across North America’s lithium and battery supply chain and outlines policies and investment opportunities that could be a global model for shared prosperity.

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Do you have an idea-stage clean energy solution that needs funds and resources to get it to market? Is your research on the verge of a breakthrough, and you just need some funding to advance your concept or prototype? This might be your program.

CalSEED supports early-stage entrepreneurs in delivering clean energy, efficiency, or storage projects while considering equity of access and benefit to serve California’s most vulnerable populations. As a first step in California’s innovation pipeline, the program incubates energy concepts. It readies them for investment and deployment by providing professional development services and direct, non-dilutive grant-based funding up to $700,000.


Do you have a clean energy solution that needs third-party testing at a world-class laboratory? The California Testbed Initiative (CalTestBed) provides more than $8.8 million in testing vouchers for California clean energy researchers and entrepreneurs to conduct third-party testing in more than 70 testbeds across nine University of California campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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