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September 08, 2020, New Energy Nexus Indonesia

Smart Solar-Powered Kiosks Are Empowering Small Business Owners in Indonesia

Founders of start-up, Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) Sumba Terang, saw an energy access challenge and came up with the idea to install solar panels on kiosks - now referred to as solar-powered kiosks.

July 29, 2020, New Energy Nexus Uganda

An Entrepreneur Brings Clean Energy Access & Health Benefits to Eastern Uganda

Nestled within the budding town of Mayuge, Uganda, Annet Kyomugisha was used to spending UGX 1,000 per day to buy kerosene lamps as a source of light for her home. In the district of Mayuge, this is about 15% of a family’s monthly income, but options are limited – 78% of Uganda’s population lacks access to electricity and 53% relies on kerosene lamps for light.

July 09, 2020, The Clean Fight

Announcing our partners in The Clean Fight to help scale clean energy startups in New York State

The Clean Fight New York is proud to announce its inaugural corporate and investor partners who have joined to support scaling clean energy startups and clean building innovators in New York State while building back better during ongoing recovery from COVID-19.

ENVenture, a program of New Energy Nexus Uganda, is a finalist in acclaimed international Ashden Awards

ENVenture has been recognized by the Ashden Awards amongst some of the world’s most practical and scalable low carbon innovators in last-mile distribution. The ENVenture program is a runner up of the Ashden Award for System Innovation for Energy Access.