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May 6, 2021, New Energy Nexus and F10

What is Climate FinTech?

Climate FinTech is digital financial technology that is catalyzing the decarbonization of our economy. Climate FinTech, also called Green FinTech or Sustainable FinTech, is the convergence of three sectors: Climate, Finance and Technology. Climate FinTech solutions are digital innovations, applications, and platforms that help institutions and individuals save, spend, and invest in ways that put the planet first.

March 4, 2020, New Energy Nexus

18 Finalists Selected for EV and Battery Challenge

LG Energy Solution (spinoff from LG Chem), Hyundai Motor Company, and Kia Motors Corporation selected 18 startups as finalists of the EV and Battery Challenge (EVBC), a global startup innovation program to accelerate startups building battery and electric vehicle technologies through strategic partnerships. The finalists will collaborate with the corporates on Proof of Concept and sample testing projects.

March 1, 2021, New Energy Nexus & F10

New Energy Nexus and F10 Join Forces on Climate Fintech Program

New Energy Nexus forms a strategic partnership with F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator, the renowned global banking and insurance incubator and accelerator with hubs in Switzerland, Singapore and Spain to foster green and climate FinTech startups which decarbonize the global financial system.